An integral part of our business policy is the fact that we service what we sell. LVI Digital Group utilizes over 20 branches throughout the province of British Columbia. Our professional, technical personnel can be deployed at any time, anywhere in the province with minimal lead time.

We see a future where one supplier/vendor is able to supply the equipment and service the needs of any client. This vision, as expressed by others, will undoubtedly save our customers time and money. One call is all it would take to have all needs met. LVI has been positioning itself to meet this vision one hundred percent. As a result, there will be no more confusion between contractors and scheduling; LVI will fully integrate all required services into one stream-lined system. This system leaves one company entirely responsible for the successful completion of all projects. LVI has the ability to modify existing processes to meet the ever changing market situations.

LVI would like to offer its customers unlimited service for years to come based on mutual business respect and integrity.