It’s one thing to say you care about the environment, but its another thing to take action towards its protection.

At LVI, we take the responsibility to care for mother earth very seriously and this responsibility governs what products we use, our operational decisions and our leadership to minimize our carbon footprint and environmental impact.

An ongoing exercise, we continually look for new methods and technologies to reduce our impact.


Some of the initiatives we have undertaken include:

  • Over the last few years, all the lighting in our offices and warehouses has been converted from fluorescent lamps to LED, thereby improving efficiency while also having an extended component life.
  • Exterior lighting is also LED controlled by photo cells thereby ensuring lighting only comes on at dark and turn off automatically at daylight.
  • All heating, cooling or other equipment has to be high efficiency. Timers are installed to eliminate unnecessary heating and cooling when our facilities are vacant.
  • Washrooms are fitted with low-flow toilets and water saving faucets.
  • All bottled water dispensers in our kitchens and waiting areas have been replaced with water coolers with direct plumbing thereby eliminating the use of plastic water bottles.
  • As a policy, we only use chemicals and cleaning product that are natural and use Low level Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).
  • Electronic components are required to be RoHS compliant and all repair materials are required to be lead free.
  • We follow a fix first strategy whereby we first attempt to repair any defective equipment. If unsuccessful, we then harvest any re-useable parts before responsibly recycling whatever remains.
  • In partnership with BCLC, LVI participates in its recycling and waste management programme. All metal, plastic and electronics materials are separated in individual containers before they are sent to a certified recycling processor
  • All wrapping and shipping materials selected must be reusable. We have a specific area in our warehouse designated for storing these materials so that they are readily accessible for shipping. When product is shipped to the field, we require that the ship materials and boxes be re-used for further shipping activities. Most of our boxes and wrapping material has been utilized many times over.
  • Within our offices, we encourage the use of electronic imaging to avoid the need to print and store documents. If paper is printed, we encourage dual side printing. Any non-sensitive single side waste paper is re-used for notes rather than using new note pads.
  • As our service vehicle leases terminate, our preference will be to look at electric and hybrid options available .